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Social transformation through education in Chia near Bogota

Colombia: Monte Cervino School was founded in 1997, in the town of Chía, about 30 minutes by car away from Bogotá. It was founded in order to contribute to the holistic education of children and teenagers from Bogotá and the towns in the centre of the country. Currently, the school has an infant school and eleven classes with a total of 110 students guided daily by fifteen teachers. Monte Cervino School is a formal educational institution today, approved by the National Chamber of Education.

The story of Chia Waldorf School began in 1984 with the opening of the "Mis Buhíts" kindergarten. For the next decade this initiative contributed to enhance the preschool education of more than 1000 local children who were provided with human education, love and acceptance. Following the decision in the mid-nineties to extend the initiative by founding a primary school, the Monte Cervino Country School opened its doors in February 1998 with classes 1 and 2.

In the same year, something special happened: the initiators of the school attended a lecture about Waldorf Education and were so touched by this approach that they subsequently decided to transform their school according to the principles of Waldorf Education. They clearly felt that this kind of pedagogy could fulfill the needs of a lot of children as well as expectations coming from parents with regards to experiencing a truly humane education.

In search for a continuous development of the Waldorf pedagogical foundations the school received support from numerous institutions: the Centro Humanístico Micael, Isolda Echavarría Waldorf School, the Arca Mundial Foundation from Medellín, Luis Horacio Gómez school from Cali and Social and Educational Corporation CES-Waldorf from Bogotá. Since 1999 a study group of teachers, parents and friends works hard in order to achieve self-education and delve into the basis of Waldorf pedagogy.

The fact that parents also work on these topics, plays an important role for the school. Due to the many social, economic and political problems in Colombia, a school alone cannot do much by itself. It needs a strong community and the support of the parents. They represent an important pillar for the work of the school.

In 2013, the founders decided to transfer the school into a non-profit structure, which means that today Monte Cervino Waldorf Foundation is the owner of the school. For the future, the school community continues to work on deepening their understanding of Waldorf education and strengthening the community. Because as a community and with this kind of education the school can contribute to the social transformation in Colombia. Thereby, the source of strength for teachers and parents to work with enthusiasm every day comes from the children.

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