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Everybody can join the schools in Nova Friburgo

The schools Cecília Meireles and Vale de Luz are 2Public Waldorf Schools localized in the city of Nova Friburgo, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The first school began working in 1985, with impulse of a local antroposophical group of studies. The second school started in 1991, as an alternative to conventional public schools, in a way the children could experience success in at least one of multiple areas, every day, and could spend more than 4 hours a day at school, less exposed then to the criminality of the area.

The schools welcome together 300 children aged 3 to 12 years old and mostly issued from very low-income families of the area. Five days a week, eight hours a day, the teachers, the children and their families learn all together in a very practical way where art, handcraft and living experiences are important ingredients of the classes. The children also receive three meals a day, which are, for many of them, the only meals of the day. The children with behavioral disturbances or learning problems also have the opportunity to learn in a “Healing and teaching class”, for some months or years. For all, to be part of these schools makes a great difference!

In January of 2011, the city of Nova Friburgo suffered from a natural disaster, which caused around 600 deaths and had many families loose all their belongings. Now is a time of re-trusting into the world and re-building the city and the lives. In this very moment, more than ever, the children find in the 2 Public Waldorf Schools a protecting and strengthening place to grow!

Both schools belong to the public school network, which means the public authorities contribute financially, as for “conventional public schools”. This partnership is very important, as it gives sustainability to the initiative and allows a constructive dialogue with the school network. Every year, however, the schools need additional funds, especially to be able to work with Waldorf trained teachers fully dedicated to the schools. One way to help is to sponsor a child, getting news from him or her twice a year. Many children are still w