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Rudolf Steiner School "Il Giardino dei Cedri" in Rome

In 1973 parents, teachers and friends founded an initiative for the dissemination of Waldorf education in Rome. Diverse artistic and cultural activities and conferences accompanied the growth of this movement until eventually a kindergarten was founded and the Waldorf School "Il Giardino dei Cedri" began with a first class in 1979. Other initiatives followed such as the "Association for Waldorf Education".

Il Giardino dei Cedri Waldorf School was the second Waldorf school in Italy at the time. Following the founding of a Waldorf kindergarten, the school started with two children and has now grown into an educational institution with eight classes. The school operates in an old villa with two annexes, hosting the eight school grades. There is also a small auditorium for eurythmy, a handicraft room and a little chemistry and physics laboratory. The beautiful garden serves as a place to play, run around and come together during breaks. In the rear part of the property there is even a small vegetable garden for gardening lessons.

The school is indeed recognised by the state, but does not receive any support from the public sector. Therefore, the school is supported exclusively by the parent’s school fees and teachers' salaries are correspondingly low. The goal is to build a high school is difficult to achieve, because an additional building would be necessary. To fund such a project is currently not possible.

The difficult economic situation in Italy affects the school heavily: more and more parents are losing their jobs and have great difficulty in finding new work. So far children whose parents could pay no or very little tuition were allowed to continue attending classes. But now the school reaches its financial limits, as more and more parents default on their contribution. As a result, "Il Giardino dei Cedri" sincerely hopes for support.

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