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Curative Education and More in Hué

Vietnam: The association Eurasia promotes various special education facilities in the city of Hué. The opening of three curative education classes within the Thuan-Than-primary school stood at the beginning of many projects that followed over the years. With various partners they have also built and sponsored vocational training centres and an old peoples home. Eurasia has organized many training courses in Vietnam and established a one-year course in Special Education at Hue University. Furthermore, since 2009, the Peaceful Bamboo Family is the country’s first centre of social therapy.

Every time Tho Vinh Ha visited his relatives in Vietnam, he was able to witness how the country slowly began to recover from the years of war. He himself worked in a Camphill in Switzerland and from a distance he supported projects, which cared for orphans. These efforts eventually resulted in the founding of Eurasia.

Years later, in April 2010, one of the organizations hosted a meeting for guests from Switzerland, France, Thailand, the Netherlands, Australia, Brazil and Vietnam itself. As an opening, there was a performance of “The Little Prince” by St. Exupery, which was rehearsed by people of the Bamboo Family.

The aim of The Bamboo-Family Centre is to offer a living community, vocational training and work for adolescents and young adults living with disabilities. Its aim is to foster a healthy environment, creating meaningful values and promoting the full development of each one living in the community.

Until the process of building up the Bamboo Family was complete, a lot of challenges had to be overcome. Since no similar institution for the education and living community of people with special needs existed in Vietnam so far, many administrative struggles were fought.  Finally the opening was celebrated in 2009. Currently, plans for an additional building are already in full swing and a biodynamic agriculture is supposed to be established as an environment, once the young farmer receives the necessary funds for a five-to six-month training period on the Philippines.

The Thuan Than School and Beloved School, both initiatives supported by Eurasia are pioneer schools in the training of people with special needs. They are on the verge of an extension, in order to ensure a better preparation for future working possibilities of older students. Therefore, the contact to the staff of the Bamboo Family has been intensified, as they will now facilitate the training of teachers and the implementation of the project.

Finally Eurasia promotes a facility for elderly and single ladies in the vicinity of Hue. In doing so the initiative was able to obtain the necessary buildings and a medical care.

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