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A safe environment for children of Viatnamese factory workers

Vietnam: The Thanh Lan Kindergarten, in Vietnam was established in 2003 as a Waldorf school for the poor and marginalised migrant families living in Cu Chi. The families came to work on the rubber plantations, various factories and rice fields in the area but had no facilities to care for their young children. Cu Chi is located about 40km outside of Ho Chi Minh City in rural Vietnam.

The Kindergarten now has 60 children ranging in age from two to six years, with classrooms for nursery, preschool and Kindergarten children. The rooms are sparsely furnished with large doorway openings to create breezeways. The kitchen provides daily meals for the children and there are living quarters for a few orphan children and some of the workers at school. The outside play areas are small and covered mainly with sand with a few swings and climbing frames. The classes often have walking excursions around nearby streets and to the dairy not far from the school.

Through donations of beeswax, yarn, paints and crayons , the children have an Artistic Curriculum. The children stay till late afternoon, so as to enable some of the parents to work long factory hours knowing that their child is being cared for in a safe environment.

The teachers have various mentors from overseas that visit regularly to give workshops and practical help in the classroom. The children are so friendly and happy and with very little resources the school provides a rich environment for creative play, good nutrition and community welfare.

Given that these children would have a much different future if they did not receive this opportunity to attend Thanh Lan Kindergarten, please help us support this young promising initiative that is still in its development phase.

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