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An Exceptional Dream

Taiwan: Leichuan Waldorf School opened its first class in 2001. Three years later the school received its legal recognition. In addition to the grades one to eight, which are being attended by 160 students, high school is currently in the pipeline and will be established by the "Waldorf Education Foundation”. A further 70 children attend the kindergarten, which was brought into being in 1996.

When school founder, May Lin, was a little girl, her grandmother often took her to the temple, in order to teach her how to speak a prayer. June Lin then wished for a long life for her grandparents, health for her father and for herself she wished to be the best in school. With these prayers, she was not alone, as almost all kids in her age had similar dreams.

Today Taiwan possesses the very latest health care, is a rich country and most young people have attended college. However, later on May Lin pursued a dream, which was not as widely spread: she wanted to start a Waldorf school, and this desire slowly turned into a reality.

Again and again the school had to deal with certain challenges, as it had to move several times and teachers had to be trained. In 2008, the school routine was finally taken up at the new school premises in the northern district of Taichung. The enthusiasm was reinforced when the authorities evaluated the school even with a recommendation. With renewed energy, the teachers now work on the development of a secondary school.

The kindergarten also enjoys a great reputation and was recently nominated as one of the ten best kindergartens in Taiwan by a magazine. The kindergarten as well as the school has long waiting lists and therefore both initiatives continue to exist, although there is no government assistance. The kindergarten has yet another meaning to the school: some of the future teachers initially start working in kindergarten until they have completed their training as a Waldorf teacher.

Recently, a school orchestra was established with young musicians from fifth, sixth and seventh grade. In order to share the educational and artistic experiences the school has also established good relations with Ci-Xing Waldorf School in Yilan in order to deepen and strengthen the Waldorf movement in Taiwan.

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