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PAORC – Education for Orphans

Nepal: Poor and Orphan Children Relief Center (PAORC) is a non-governmental organization that was founded in 2004. Its goal is to support poor and orphaned children, so that they can attend school and live in an orphanage. PAORC is funded entirely through sponsorships, donations and the revenues from calendar sales.

There was only the necessity of school fees, school uniforms and school books – and in an instant the first children who had previously never been to school, were able to begin their first week of classes in their lives. The beginning of their first school year was also the beginning of the PAORC organization that was founded by tourist guides. They had seen much of Nepal, made many people more or less familiar with the country and always experienced their own powerlessness, when they saw the many children who would probably never be able to attend school without the support from others.

PAORC was founded on a voluntary basis. When the financing of children was secured, so that they could attend school, the founders worked towards the aim to help children who had no parents and thus were completely unprotected. The idea was to open an orphanage.

At first, the efforts dragged on and the volunteers of PAORC had to struggle with many challenges, which opposed them on a financial but also on a national level. Finally the moment arrived: ten children were admitted to the new orphanage in a rented house. A young woman, who experienced herself what it means to be an orphan, became the housemother of this new extended family.

The steady growth of the project and the therefore rising costs made new facilities necessary. Working at different locations, the initiative now aimed to establish a new centre. Finally, a building was found which could accommodate 25 children, but it had to be rented. Currently the children are housed on two and a half floors, which may even save costs.

Now PAORC is working on the implementation of other plans. Once enough money has been saved a property will be bought and a building will be constructed. The establishing of organic plantations and the cultivation of vegetables and grains are supposed to provide financial support in order to realize the dream of a future Waldorf School.

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