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A home for children with tragic stories

The social project for orphans Vulamasango (open doors) in Cape Town is very unusual. Since 2007 the founder, a former Waldorf pupil, and the orphaned girls have gone on tours through Germany every year. Their performances are a stirring sight and more than just a fundraiser.

Florian Krämer is a former Waldorf pupil from Überlingen. After completing school he travelled widely in 17 countries in Asia and Africa and so became witness to extreme poverty and - in then still Zaire – the start of a civil war. As a result of these experiences, the desire awoke in him to become a social worker and work with children in Africa.

At the age of 25 he moved to Cape Town and started studying sociology. He worked in a home for street children, led Aids education programmes, founded a school for street children and did therapy with abused street children. In 2002 he completed his degree and started preparing to open an orphanage. The following year was spent collecting funds for this project. In 2004 he met an African woman who ran a kindergarten and crèche for neglected children in Nyanga, a township in Cape Town and they started working together. However, this turned out to be very difficult and in the end, after many failed efforts, Florian Krämer had to give it up.

During this time he also founded a stage show with two African colleagues and in 2007 and 2008 he went on two eight week long tours with orphaned children through Germany, Switzerland, Austria and England. In 2008 he founded his own initiative for orphans, Vulamasango. The idea was to have 10 homes, like families, in each of which 10 girls could find a place to live. At the end of 2008 a property was bought for 210.000 euro, in 2009 many of the permits had been attained (a very complicated process) and in 2010 the first family should be ready to take in the girls. 

The tours are not only a fundraising project. They are a deep meeting. All the children have stories that one would rather not tell. They carry the heavy burden of the destiny of their whole continent - and they allow us to play a part in it. They sing African songs and beat their drums with a wonderful inner strength and are accompanied by Florian Krämer who also speaks about his work and describes the living conditions in Africa.

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