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Michael Oak Waldorf School in Cape Town

South Africa: Like in many parts of the world a social change is also occurring in South Africa. The centre of the life of parents is increasingly outside the family. Consequently, children spend more time in playgroups, kindergartens, or schools, and just as often they are left to themselves. Therefore, to fulfill its responsibility, education must rise beyond the traditional understanding of teaching. Overcrowded classrooms, stubborn memorization and lack of educational assistance are quite common in public schools throughout South Africa.

Michael Oak Waldorf School is located in Kenilworth, a suburb of Cape Town. Particularly in the upper grades one of the main topics that is being taught is South African tradition. As a result students acquire an awareness of the diversity of people and cultures in South Africa and learn to appreciate them. Since 2013, students are able to obtain not only kindergarten and primary school education, but also a complete high school education at Michael Oak.

Waldorf education came to South Africa in 1959. Michael Oak was started in 1962 through the initiative of parents and the first lessons were given in the dining room at a parent’s house. The school community ended up buying an old house, and the first class rooms were built with their dedicated help. Quickly more and more people wanted to send their children to Oak Michael, which today is a place where parents, students and well-trained teachers form a vibrant and strong school community.

The Friends of Waldorf Education are looking for educational sponsors for children at Michael Oak. We look forward to each contribution!

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