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Games And Art Instead of Drill

Out of an Artist’s initiative a Waldorf Kindergarten is developing in Dakar.

The artist Abdoulaye Seck lives and works in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. A few years ago he started to invite children to his studio, which is located in a house in historic city centre. In this creative environment the children enthusiastically take the brush into their hands, in order to lay colours on paper ad libitum.

Normally they are not allowed to do so, since the public kindergartens follow the French curriculum, which includes a compulsory art lesson, where children neatly sit at their tables filling predetermined outlines with colour. This is the end to all childish imagination.

Abdoulaye Seck follows a different path: he provides a fearless environment, encourages the children’s narrating and expression skills and fosters social relations. In doing so, the first Waldorf Kindergarten of Senegal developed by and by.

The more support he receives for the training of kindergarten teachers, the more he will be able to include elements of Waldorf Education in his daily kindergarten routine.

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