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The Humane School

In western Kenya, not far from the village of Kitale, lies the village of Sirende. Since 2008 it is home to a small country school called the Humane School, attended by children from kindergarten to eighth grade. The parents of the students mostly make their living as farm hands and work on the large plantations in this agriculturally very fertile area. However, earnings are often very low, so that they do not have the means to send their children to schools, which are far away.

Children under five years of age are cared for in the kindergarten. From the age of six, the children attend pre-school classes and finally grade school until they obtain the Kenyan school-leaving certificate after eighth grade. In addition to the school subjects common in Kenya, the students are actively engaged in biodynamic agriculture, music, eurythmy and handicrafts such as clay modeling, painting, knitting and woodwork. Since the parents cannot afford school fees, the maintenance of the Humane School depends on donations.

The founding teacher Juliet Mia is one of the mothers who went to Nairobi to work while her family stayed in Sirende. Working at the Rudolf Steiner School in Mbagathi, Juliet Mia became familiar with Waldorf Education, became enthusiastic about it and brought her daughter to Nairobi, to send her to the Rudolf Steiner School. There, Juliet Mia met the initiator Nani Croze. She encouraged Juliet Mia to take up teacher training herself and set up an initiative in her home region.

There, in Sirende, access to social facilities such as health centers and schools is a major challenge for the many households living below the poverty line. Some of the children who now attend the Humane School did not previously enjoy an education because they could not afford the school fees, the distances were far too long, or they dropped out of school because they could not endure the physical punishment, which is sadly frequent. So that the children do not have to sit at school with an empty stomach, the school provides a free breakfast for everyone. For the future, a free lunch is also planned. Further donations are needed for this.

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