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Social Therapy in Ghana

Ghana: The Life Community Deduako (LCD), founded in 1996, is an anthroposophic community for people with disabilities. The disabled are being trained in gardening, housekeeping, textile design, or the production of candles and because of this, they not only find a new home, but also a work place. The residents are being taken care of by several housemothers, teachers and a gardener. In the nights there is additionally a watchman around.

Four years passed, between the foundation of the Life Community Deduako and the laying of the cornerstone for the new residential building and the workshop in 2000. Then things developed fast. The planned construction was financed by BMZ (German Ministry for Economical Cooperation and Development) and looked after by the Friends of Waldorf Education and thus the plan turned quickly into a reality. Thanks to good contacts to the Ghanaian government, the initiative already started to employ government workers in 2001 and by 2002 the official inauguration was celebrated together with 8 disabled residents. Since then a doctor from Thüringen (Germany) visits Deduako twice a year, in order to examine the residents of LCD and also to help people from the surrounding area with her medical advice.

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