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Waldorf Worlwide: A Newsletter of the Friends of Waldorf Education

100 Years of Waldorf Schools: Beginning the centennial year 2019

With this edition of "Waldorf Worldwide," we are moving into the centenary year 2019: 100 years of Waldorf Education. Read it here.

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Mail from the Waldorf World

They have been traveling for a year now: The postcards that are connecting every Waldorf School to all of the other Waldorf Schools in the world. In spring 2017, the team of Waldorf-100 sent each Waldorf School a package with about 1,200 postcards. Each card carries the address of some other Waldorf School. And so it began.

The mail sorting offices of the world were a little more colorful in 2017, for in summer the first postcards went on their way, for example from Peru to India, or from Austria to Australia, or from Nepal to Germany. Soon, the first schools were happily receiving mail from around the world. The design of the postcards showed a great variety: A first grade student from Berlin proudly wrote the letter “A”, which he had just learned –just like in the main lesson book. A seventh grade student from Australia gives us a taste of form drawing – like several other children from very different parts of the world. A child from the fifth grade of the Busan Free Waldorf School in South Korea sends a ship with a German flag to Germany. The children paint and draw – with colored pencils, with crayons, with felt-tip pens, with charcoal, and watercolors. Some printed their cards with linocuts. There were plenty of suns and many different Waldorf-100 logos. Some cards were sprinkled with glitter. Some didn’t draw or paint at all, instead describing themselves in a short text, hoping to initiate a pen friendship.

Many schools have told the Waldorf-100 team of the joyous reactions, suddenly feeling part of a huge, world-spanning community. The Shanti Waldorf School in Nepal, for example, reports: “We were really moved, the cards are incredibly beautiful and the paintings come from the heart. We are proud to be part of the Waldorf community.”

 Apart from the community, another aim is to realize what makes the others special, explains Henning Kullak-Ublick, one of the initiators of the postcard project: “My hope is that by expanding our horizons, we can maybe also, here and there, reignite the passion for the wonderful task that we all have committed ourselves to; and that it shows us, at the same time, in how many distinct garments Waldorf education can walk this world.”

Christina Reinthal