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Workshop Descriptions

Dr. Christian Schopper: Practical Exercises to Strengthen the Mental and Spiritual Immune System (GERMAN)

Dr. Schopper completed his residency in neurology, psychotherapy and psychiatry after studying medicine in Tübingen. From 1994 to the present, he held various senior positions in the field of psychology and neuromedicine. He holds a lectureship in Anthroposophic Medicine at the University of Zurich in the Department of Naturopathy. In addition to his extensive publication and lecture activities in Switzerland and abroad, he accompanied an emergency educational mission of the Friends of Waldorf Education in the Gaza Strip.

Martin Straube: The nature of emotions (GERMAN)

When children are distressed, they have strong emotions that cause them to become stressed. However, since emotions always have the tendency to want to become actions and our impulse control often fails under stress, this working group will focus on emotion regulation and impulse control. To do this, we will try to delve into the nature of emotions, distinguish between primary and secondary emotions, and work out methods of helping children to deal with them. In emergency and trauma pedagogy this should be a central concern.

Martin Straube
has been working for 30 years as an anthroposophical doctor in various contexts, including as a school doctor and as a trainer of curative teachers and curative education teachers. Several times he has been on emergency educational missions with the "Friends of Waldorf Education". His concern is to understand the human being more deeply through a lively study of the human being and to derive options for action from this understanding, both in salutogenetic, medical, and also in educational terms.

Dieter and Leonie Schaffer: Experiencing joy in working with clay (GERMAN)

We create simple, harmonious shapes with clay, e.g. a ball that fits well in our hands. In the next step, we sculpt simple shapes and relate them to each other. In the third unit we work in small groups on a free form.

Dieter Schaffner
lives in the border triangle of Germany, Switzerland and France not far from Basel. He has 20 years of experience as a classroom teacher. Since 2018, as a Waldorf teacher and certified psychologist, he has participated in emergency educational outreaches of the Friends of Waldorf Education and has been to Kenya and the Philippines.

Leoni Schaffner
lives and works in Bern. She is a trained ceramic designer, founded the ceramic studio Spinnrad and works independently as an artist and workshop leader.

Dr Ida Oberman: In the Era of Covid (ENGLISH)

Meeting the Whole Child in Distance Learning Through Waldorf Methods

Drawing from experiences of one urban public Waldorf school and Child Care Service and one private  Waldorf school, presenters employ the  lens of developmentally appropriate basic skills to meet trauma in order  to  share  lessons from practice including  sensory somatic movement,  hygienic movement and breath work,  youth artistic community group work and healing projects.  The workshop will include hands on practice.

Ida Oberman
is an English learner and immigrant, Dutch born and German educated. After Waldorf School in Tübingen Germany and her Waldorf teaching she earned a BA from Swarthmore College and a Phd from Stanford. After a decade of teaching in New York City, US, and serving as education program officer of the Hewlett Foundation, she joined a community-based organization, FIAEB, to work with parents, community leaders and fellow educators to in 2010 found the country's first intercultural public Waldorf school, the Community School for Creative Education where she serves as Executive Director.

·    Judith Fleming, Mental Health Services Clinician, CSCE
·    Heidi Schwarzenbach, Nursery Program Director San Francisco Waldorf School
·    Jenny Ventura, Director of Model Implementation & Assessment, Unconditional Education, Seneca Family of Agencies
·    Kristine Wolcott, Wellness Teacher, San Francisco Waldorf School

Kike Speckenwirth: Growing with Corona (GERMAN)

Corona causes fear - the fear of illness and death, the fear of being separated and alone, the fear of being controlled by others. What would be, if the fear would not lead into narrowness and rigidity, but into vastness, tingling curiosity, growing? In this workshop we want to go in search of what is happening inside us. Can the belly help us to perceive the world situation and how can we prepare ourselves to become supporters and protectors? After short thematic introductions there will be exercises and games and an accompanying artistic project.

Kike Speckenwirth
Grew up in post-war Germany in the 50s, when time was still silent. Trained as a social worker and social therapist, in chirophonetics, biography work and emergency and trauma pedagogy. Married, father of five adult children. Intensive study of autism and empathy, post-traumatic growth and manicheism, self-care and resilience, therapeutic attitude, spirit self-culture and meditation. Retired for three years. Member of act together e.V.

Marcela Gómez Saavedra (SPANISH)

Marcela Gómez Saavedra
A trained sports scientist and Bothmer Gymnastics teacher, Marcela has worked as a physical education teacher at various Waldorf schools in Chile since 2006. Since 2018, she has been an educator and trainer of Bothmer Gymnastics in Brazil. She lectures at the Arché Seminar, at congresses and participates in trainings in Waldorf education and Emergency Pedagogy. She has also been an outreach member in several missions in Chile and part of the international outreach team after the earthquake in Ecuador.

Spain: Accompanying in times of pandemic (SPANISH)

Support groups in crisis situations

"In times of uncertainty and despair, it is important to develop common projects from which to draw hope together with others ". Dr. Enrique Pichón Riviêre

The model of media intervention created by the team of Emergency Education Spain and implemented during the Covid19 quarantine from March to May 2020 is presented. Based on the principles and working methodology of Emergency Pedagogy, the accompaniment of different professionals, families and caregivers took place. They were supported in personal stabilization and created safe places for children, adolescents and young people.

Welma de Beer: Playfully creating islands of safety and connection with teenagers online (ENGLISH)

This workshop will explore ways in which we can design, create and implement a metaphor for beginning online encounters with teenagers.  Through using imaginative play, we can create a safe community that allows us to use Emergency Pedagogy methods during future engagements.

The basic assumption is, that if we establish an ethos of giving voice and choice to teenagers, we ‘allow expression’ and ‘make plans for the future’. Using an online, interactive metaphor can encourage a group to work collaboratively, create their own rules of engagement, and express their individual hopes and dreams as part of a collective.

Please bring a couple of DIN A 4 papers, colored crayons or pencils and a black pen to the workshop.

Welma de Beer

is a Waldorf drama teacher, drama therapy practitioner, lecturer and facilitator with over 30 year of experience working with children.  She has attended the EMP trainings and international interventions.  She is an active founder  member of the Johannesburg Emergency Pedagogy group. She is currently doing her PhD on arts-based trauma-informed teacher training and is passionate about finding ways to connect and collaborate.


Kiki Sanne worked as a vocational school teacher for English and agriculture in Germany. After a stay of several years in the 1990s, she moved permanently to South Africa in 2005. Having completed various training courses in coaching, education and nature- and equine assisted inner journeys, she now works a coach, project manager and seminar leader in related areas. She has accompanied the Lesedi Waldorf School as a mentor for more than 12 years. She holds the South African branch of Emergency Pedagogy in Johannesburg and has already accompanied several emergency pedagogical missions by the Friends of Waldorf Education.

Yvette Oxlee is a Waldorf primary school teacher with an experience of over 40 years of active teaching. Since 2017 she's been working for the Federation of Waldorf Schools in Southern Africa as teacher trainer.  She is an active founder member of the Johannesburg branch of Emergency Pedagogy an brings it to parents, teachers and students. Her passion lies with the supporting and healing of the human being on his or her journey to full freeedom.

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