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Gaza May 2012

Visit from Palestinian colleagues at the Friends of Waldorf Education

Four colleagues of the Al Qattan Centres for the Child for Gaza city came to Karlsruhe from the 2nd to the 11th of May 2012 to visit and observe local Waldorf institutions. In November the emergency pedagogues of the Friends of Waldorf Education had the opportunity to greet four Qattan-employees during a visit. They have been cooperating with one another since 2009. The next two week long mission of the German emergency pedagogues in Gaza begins on Friday May 19th.

The director of the education and information centre at the Al Qattan Centre for the Child, Reem Abu Jaber as well as three of her colleagues had the opportunity during the visit, to spend a week getting to know German Waldorf institutions. Already during their first visit in November 2011, they visited multiple Waldorf institutions in order to get ideas and suggestions for their work in the Gaza strip, which they have since instituted on the ground.

In addition to kindergartens, the Gaza team visited schools and curative education institutions too. They saw the Parzival School as well as a kindergarten in Karlsruhe, the free Waldorf School in Böblingen and next to the Mannheim Waldorf kindergarten they also visited the local teacher training college.

As an example of a curative education institution, the colleagues from Gaza visited the village community Tennental with its diverse workshops.
The intensive exchange of the German-Palestinian emergency pedagogues will be continued during a mission from the 19th of May till the 2nd of June. A large training will be offered for all Al Qattan employees. The 10 person team from Germany, besides running the continuing education of the local team, will adopt various kindergartens and schools. Their work in the youth prison will also be continued.

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