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Devastating catastrophe in Indonesia

The severe earthquake and tsunami last Friday brought death and destruction to Sulawesi. An experience that leaves deep emotional traces, especially on children.  In order to support these traumatised children in coming to terms with their experiences, an emergency pedagogic mission will take place in the crisis region at the end of the week.

The tsunami was caused by a particularly severe earthquake off the coast of Sulawesi on 28th September. The epicentre was located almost 80 kilometres north of Palu, the capital of the province of Central Sulawesi. Meanwhile, the number of deaths is over 800, hundreds more victims are feared under the rubble, thousands are injured.
Moreover, the many aftershocks continue to panic the population. Even those whose houses have not been destroyed usually do not dare to return, the fear is too intense.

"Such a catastrophe shakes the world view and can cause post-traumatic stress reactions" explains Bernd Ruf, Managing Director of the Friends of Waldorf Education. "People literally lose the ground under their feet. Suddenly fear, pain, death and destruction have to be dealt with. With emergency pedagogical methods we can stabilize the children and thus avoid trauma disorder".

The situation on the scene remains chaotic. Access routes are destroyed or buried, communication links are interrupted. Many areas are completely cut off from the outside world. The emergency pedagogy team consists of experienced pedagogues and therapists. Many of them already have years of experience working with traumatised children after catastrophes or humanitarian crises. The team is also accompanied by a doctor.

The emergency pedagogy crisis intervention takes place in cooperation with "Aktion Deutschland Hilft". For missions like this, we are always dependent on financial support in order to be able to help quickly and unbureaucratically - every contribution helps to support the local people.



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