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Acute Missions

After the occurrence of a catastrophe, a crisis team comes together in the emergency pedagogy department’s office. Together they follow the news and contact local Waldorf schools or initiatives, or other contact persons. As soon as we have a picture of the situation on the ground, we decide, usually together with the coalition “Aktion Deutschland hilft”, whether or not we will carry out an acute mission in the crisis region.

Then a short, but very intensive preparation phase begins. Our volunteers are contacted and a team is put together, mission locations must be determined, flights and accommodations are organised, requests for support are sent to local authorities and much more. After just a few days we set off.

Usually our team stays about 14 days at the mission location. Even short pedagogical interventions help children and adolescents, who were forced to experience traumatic events, to come out of the shock-induced paralysis of trauma. The dissolving of this torpor is the first requirement to be able to process the experiences and to prevent or at least lessen possible aftereffects.

Depending of the situation, aftercare missions can also come about, during which we visit our partners and the children again and work with them. Often at aftercare missions, the focus of the work is no longer only on the children, but also on the training of local pedagogues and the work with parents. Continue to the long-term projects.

Mission Chronicle

Bangladesh 2017

The situation in Bangladesh is dramatic. The country and many of the helpers are overwhelmed with the daily arrivals and the situation. They need support - that is why a team of emergency educationists will travel to Burma in Jauary 2018. continue

Mexico 2017

A total of three major earthquakes and several aftershocks hit Mexico and Mexico City in particular. In order to support the affected persons, an emergency pedagogical intervention takes place from 08. -21.10. continue

Kenya 2017

Only 100 km from the border to South Sudan lies the refugee camp Kakuma; around 180,000 people live here. Emergency pedagogy and the Waldorf Kakuma Project support people on location. continue

London 2017

In the last 3 months, London was struck by 3 attacks, during which many people died and were injured. Multiple missions on location support the affect persons. continue

Haiti 2016

In autumn 2016, Haiti was devasted by hurricane Matthew. At the end of October, an intervention team of the emergency pedagogy department of the Friends of Waldorf Education will travel to the island country to support the people there. continue

Ecuador 2016

In April, Ecuador was shaken by a devastating earthquake and many strong aftershocks. From May 2nd to 17th 2016 an emergency pedagogy intervention team from the Friends of Waldorf Education was on the ground. continue

Brussels 2016

On April 19th, an emergency pedagogy team traveled to Brussels for a short mission. After the devastating attacks, many affected persons did not know how they should deal with their experiences. continue

Paris 2015

We left on Monday, the 16th of November 2015 with a 6 person team for Paris, with goose bumps still running down our necks and shock about the events still in our limbs. continue

Slovenia 2015

On the border crossing between Slovenia and Austria, scenes are playing out that are hard to describe. In November, an emergency pedagogy team helped the traumatised people with processing their experiences. continue

Greece 2015

Every day, hundreds of boats land on the island of Lesbos, filled with distraught refugees. In October, an emergency pedagogy team was in Greece on a mission in order to support these traumatised people. continue

Nepal 2015

The severe earthquake on April 25th brought death and destruction to Nepal.  An experience which left above all children with deep psychological wounds. In order to help support these traumatised children in the processing of their experiences, an emergency pedagogical team travelled to Nepal from the 9th to the 23rd of May. continue

Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014

From June 29th until July 5th an emergency pedagogic team offered trauma pedagogic relief to children, that were affected by the floods. Also, training courses for educators were held. continue

Lebanon 2013

Seeking refuge from civil war, thousands of Syrians flee to neighboring countries. In a Lebanese refugee camp the Friends work with traumatized children and adolescents. continue

China 2013

After an earthquake shook Sichuan in April 2013, the emergency pedagogues travelled to the affected region and helped the people on site to cope with the psychological effects. continue

Japan 2011

On March 11th, Japan was shaken by the most severe earth quake in its history. The Friends organized an emergency pedagogic intervention on site. continue

Kyrgyzstan 2010

Conflicts with the intensity of a civil war caused the deaths of 2,000 people. The Friends administered emergency pedagogical first aid on location. continue

Indonesia 2009

The earth quake on the Indonesian island Sumatra killed hundreds of people and devastated the land. The Friends administered emergency pedagogic first aid. continue


China 2008

More than 90.000 people lost their lives in the earthquake of 2009. The Chinese Waldorf School in Chengdu asked the Friends for pedagogic first aid. continue


Lebanon 2006/07

The 2006 Lebanon War put the Friends into immediate contact with traumatized children and adolescents- the hour of birth for the emergency pedagogic team of the Friends of Waldorf Education. continue


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