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Acute Missions

After the occurrence of a catastrophe, a crisis team comes together in the emergency pedagogy department’s office. Together they follow the news and contact local Waldorf schools or initiatives, or other contact persons. As soon as we have a picture of the situation on the ground, we decide, usually together with the coalition “Aktion Deutschland hilft”, whether or not we will carry out an acute mission in the crisis region.

Then a short, but very intensive preparation phase begins. Our volunteers are contacted and a team is put together, mission locations must be determined, flights and accommodations are organised, requests for support are sent to local authorities and much more. After just a few days we set off.

Usually our team stays about 14 days at the mission location. Even short pedagogical interventions help children and adolescents, who were forced to experience traumatic events, to come out of the shock-induced paralysis of trauma. The dissolving of this torpor is the first requirement to be able to process the experiences and to prevent or at least lessen possible aftereffects.

Depending of the situation, aftercare missions can also come about, during which we visit our partners and the children again and work with them. Often at aftercare missions, the focus of the work is no longer only on the children, but also on the training of local pedagogues and the work with parents. Continue to the long-term projects.

Mission Chronicle

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