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Peru: Khuyay Waldorf School Tarapoto


Three new classrooms for children in Peru

As the demand for Waldorf kindergarten places for young children in Tarapoto (Peru) is steadily increasing, the Khuyay Waldorf School would like to build another kindergarten room in 2023. So far, 39 children attend the school. In addition to the new kindergarten room, new classrooms for grade three and grade six should be built. Next to the three new rooms, the small school would like to employ two more teachers and a volunteer.

In order to build the three rooms and equip them with everything necessary such as blackboards, chairs, etc., the school needs a total of 30,000 Euros.


About the project:

The Khuyay Waldorf School Tarapoto is a relatively young school in the northern Amazon jungle of Peru, born out of a strong desire of many parents to have a Waldorf school for their children. In 2019, the initiative started with a Waldorf kindergarten with only 11 children. In 2021, the school had to be temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but has since reopened to everyone's delight.

Now there is a kindergarten with ten children, a first class with six children, a second class with eight children, a united third and fourth class consisting of a total of ten children and a fifth class with five children. In total 39 children are attending the school. Five teachers are looking after the children and teaching them.

The project is located in a beautiful, renovated apartment building with a large garden. In the garden, there are many bats, hummingbirds, monkeys, tarantulas and snakes that bring joy and fright to the children. So far, the house has four classrooms for classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 as well as 5. In the garden there is an octagonal wooden building built for the kindergarten children. All rooms are very small, so only 10 children can be accommodated in each room. However, there is already a waiting list of 32 children who want to be admitted to the school.

The economic situation of our educational institution is quite limited. Ideally, the cost per child would be 150 euros per month, but the reality is that 30 of the children pay 100 euros per month, two families cannot pay anything and eight families can only pay 50-60 euros per month. 15% of the parents are in arrears with their school fees. A challenging financial situation.

"KHUYAY means LOVE in the Quechua language spoken here in Tarapoto in the northern jungle of Peru in the province of San Martin."


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