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Building a cheerful playground for children in Chișinău

Most of the area around the Chișinău Waldorf School is empty and undeveloped. The children have nowhere to go during their breaks, so they run out onto the street to play. As they play, clouds of dust fill the air, and when it rains, the dust turns into a sea of mud, making it even more difficult for the kids to enjoy their playtime.

Seeing the children face these challenges daily, the entire community decided to come together and start a special project - to build a beautiful playground for the school, one that the children could use no matter the weather. We dream of a place where laughter and joy could replace the dusty and muddy grounds. This playground would be a safe place where kids could build friendships, create cherished memories, and experience the simple joy of being a child. Moreover, on sunny days, some classes could be held outside, allowing the children to connect with nature and feel the fresh air on their faces as they learn and explore.

Everyone in the community pitched in, whether it was through donations, organizing fundraisers, or offering their time and skills. We know that creating this playground is not just about having a fun place for the kids, it is about creating a brighter future for the children, a future filled with hope and possibilities. No matter how challenging life may get, there are always people who care and are willing to make a difference. To do this we still need approximately 7500 euros.

When hearts come together, they can turn dreams into reality, and they can create a better world for their children, one swing at a time.


About the project:

Founded in 1992, the Waldorf School IP Liceul Teoretic in Chișinău, Moldova, operates as a state institution. It strives to maintain its educational autonomy through rounds of negotiations while integrating state requirements with the Waldorf curriculum. The school caters to around 770 children and young students in kindergarten and grades 1 to 12, benefiting from the guidance of 54 dedicated teachers.

After the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991, the country entered a phase of new opportunities, leading to the emergence of several early Waldorf initiatives. Among them, the Waldorf School in Chișinău stands out as the sole initiative that has successfully progressed from its initial stages and developed into a thriving educational institution. Driven by tremendous dedication and passion, the school community is actively focused on enhancing the quality of Waldorf education and fostering a strong sense of unity among its members.

Despite holding the status of a state lyceum, which enables students to complete their school education with the Bacalaureate and provides some financial support, the school faces a challenge as the state does not fund certain subjects such as needlework, painting, or eurhythmy. Consequently, these subjects require parents to cover the costs through school fees. Additionally, both teachers and parents have made considerable efforts over time to convert the previously plain rooms into beautiful and inviting classrooms.

“Chisinau Waldorf School is a thriving educational institution. It stands as a beacon of hope, showcasing the power of determination and hard work in achieving success and growth even in uncertain times. The school's vision is focused on providing an educational experience that encourages creativity, critical thinking, and personal growth. It seeks to cultivate a sense of community, peace, and friendship among its students, emphasizing the values of educational pluralism and self-leadership.        

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