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Individual musical support for two Najeschda children with special needs

With your support the lives of Aybek and Lida can be changed. The two are two very talented children with special needs who live in the children's centre "Ümüt-Nadjeschda". The centre wants to give them the chance to further develop their musical talent.

Aybek dreams of developing his vocal talent, and Nadjeschda would like to give him the opportunity to study singing professionally. Lida is a talented girl who needs piano lessons to develop and share her skills. Piano lessons also develop the fine motor skills of her hands. The Children's Centre supports them and provides lessons, but in order to achieve their dream of professional musical training, they need your help.

One-on-one musical lessons have a great positive effect on the children's overall rehabilitation, especially given the physical limitations that make their lives less active. Music and singing provide the opportunity to express themselves and to feel free of limitations. When given the opportunity to perform in public and showcase their talented abilities, the children experience a gratifying emotional experience and excitement.

"We want to raise funds for musical lessons, instruments and equipment that will enable Aybek and Lida to develop their potential and achieve outstanding results. About 40,000 Som is needed monthly for individual music lessons and musical therapy sessions, which is about 420 Euros (according to the current exchange rate). Since these are orphans who live at the centre, the lessons also take place during the vacation season. In total, we need 5,040 euros annually for the musical support of the two children."

Of course, asking for support to pay the music teacher may seem less important given the urgent needs of the centre or individual children. In fact, however, this is a very important aspect of overall child rehabilitation.

"Nadjeschda" means "hope" in Russian and we hope with all our hearts that you want to and can help the children."


About the project:

The non-profit children's centre Nadezhda was founded in 1989 in Kyrgyzstan in the Soviet Union. For disabled children who had been classified as "educable", there was very good support in the Soviet Union. Disabled children who were considered "non-educable" were often taken away from their parents at birth and placed in terrible institutions where few of them survived. For these multiply and severely handicapped children, Nadezhda Children's Centre is still today not only a place of survival, but a place where they, like all children, laugh, sing, learn and are loved.

Today, 84 children with multiple disabilities are lovingly supported and cared for by 59 caregivers. In the small Gert-Michael Waldorf School 51 children are learning. In the preschool group 21 children are lovingly cared for from 9 am to 4 pm. 12 young adults work in therapeutic workshops. The children receive regular therapy, where parents can also receive advice and support. At night and on weekends, 28 children and young adults are cared for in two residential groups.

The main goal of the centre is the return to a full life of children with developmental disorders and their rehabilitation. First and foremost, the centre creates conditions for the education and life of such children who are considered "unteachable" for medical reasons: severe and complex developmental disorders - cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, epilepsy and mental retardation.

With the support of the Children's Centre "Ümüt-Nadjeschda", children learn self-sufficiency skills, social relations, speaking, singing, playing, reading, counting, and to the best of their abilities, everything that normal children learn in kindergartens, schools, and handicrafts. Our centre does not receive state support, but supports children only through personal donations from people who are not indifferent to the fate of our children.

The work of rehabilitation of children with impairments is extremely important, as the number of children with various impairments increases every year. Unfortunately, for the group of children who visit our centre, there are no places in state institutions. If it weren't for the centre, at best they would be confined to their homes or placed in facilities that don't meet their needs, and at worst they would be on the streets.

"Thank you so much for being with us! Together we can create wonderful opportunities for these remarkable children."



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