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Food Programm and learning materials for the Humane School

The Humane School in western Kenya is attended by about 80 children. It is very important to the 15 staff members of the school that all students can eat at school, regardless of the economic status of their families. A good meal not only gives the children the energy they need to learn and grow up healthily, but is also a relief for the parents, knowing at least their children have had a proper meal each day.

After a well was drilled on the school grounds earlier this year, the water supply for the children and the school farm is now secure. The farm now supplies the school with beans and maize, that are planted according to the season. The yields from the farm, along with the other vegetables grown at the school, are used to feed the children. However, there are other foods that the farm cannot grow and must be purchased in addition. These include cooking oil, sugar, salt, tea leaves, wheat flour and some fruits. Unfortunately, the cost of living in rural Kenya has risen dramatically and food has become quite expensive.

With your donation, you can help the school community to buy food. A portion of the funds would support the farm in food production so that the school can run a sustainable food program in the long run. The remaining donations would be used to purchase school supplies such as stationery, but most importantly learning materials.

In total, the Humane School needs about 7,500 euros to support the feeding program and buy enough school materials for the 80 children.


About the project:

The Humane School is an institution near the town of Kitale in western Kenya. The small Waldorf initiative, which works according to the learning principles of Rudolf Steiner, has been in existence since 2008. In 2022, after a long process, it was finally possible to acquire a new piece of land on which a real school could be built.

Already in January 2021, a temporary building was erected to serve as a classroom. Currently, four classes with a total of 82 children attend the Humane School, all of whom are taught in the temporary building. Due to the long process to acquire the deed to the land, only the temporary buildings have been allowed to be built on the site. In the meantime, the designs for the new school building have been completed and approved by the relevant government agencies, so construction can begin. There is now also a well on the school grounds to ensure the water supply.

The school has a total of 15 employees, ten teachers and five support staff, such as a gardener, educators, an administrative assistant and a cook. In October 2021, a great tree planting event took place, where (fruit) trees were planted and the coffee bushes, which were not well cared for in the past, were tended and repaired.

Since April 2022, prices for raw materials, food and school supplies have risen unexpectedly. Overall, the cost of living for people in Kenya has risen extremely, while wages have remained the same. This is a huge challenge for everyone and especially for the school, which provides food and school supplies to nearly 100 people and plans to build a new building. The Humane School is grateful for any help that reaches them.

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