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A kitchen for children with disabilities at Guainumbi

The 27 employees of Guainumbi would like to prepare lunch for the 7 to 14 year old students with disabilities who attend the project. To do this, they would have to rebuild a small house formerly used by the volunteers and convert it into a kitchen. In total, the estimated cost is about 17,000 euros. The community hopes that you will raise a total of about 8,000 euros through your WOW Day actions to help them build the kitchen.

The Associação Beneficente Guainumbi will provide the necessary furniture to assemble the kitchen, such as a kitchen cabinet, stove and other appliances. The city of São Paulo, with which the project has a partnership, will cover all personnel and food costs.

"We believe that WOW Day will support many different projects and that each one has its own needs. That makes us happy and inspires us. We know that everyone should benefit, and just like us, these other projects expect the affection and commitment of the schools and students. With this in mind, the Guainumbi team is asking for financial support in the amount of 8,000 euros to begin construction and renovation of the kitchen so that we can begin serving these children in 2024."


About the project

The Associação Beneficente Guainumbi was founded in February 2001 to help people with disabilities based on curative education and social therapy. It was born out of the initiative of a social therapist who lived and worked in German CAMPHILL communities for six years. In Brazil, he implemented, coordinated and managed a project for people with disabilities at the Monte Azul Community Association until he founded Guainumbi.

He started the new project with 13 young people and adults with intellectual disabilities. Today, the Associação Beneficente Guainumbi cares for 108 people with intellectual and multiple disabilities aged 15 and older who live in the slums near this facility. At Guainumbi, they can participate in therapeutic workshops in woodworking, baking, weaving, handicrafts and (vegetable) gardening. In addition, the 108 families of people with disabilities receive psychosocial support, e.g. through home visits, the provision of a support network and the distribution of food baskets.

Currently, Guainumbi has started another programme through a partnership with São Paulo Social Welfare. This programme aims to provide psychological, legal and social support to 160 women, children, youth, homeless people and the LGTBQ+ community living in situations of extreme social vulnerability, as well as victims of domestic, physical, psychological and/or sexual violence.


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