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Sun protaction for the children of the Escola Waldorf Anael

Do you know it to have lessons in the shade or even warmer at 35° Celsius? When you are just hanging in the benches hoping for salvation and freedom from the heat? At Escola Waldorf Anael in Várzea da Roça, Brazil, this temperature is part of everyday life. And after the main lesson, things really get going: that's when the children have outdoor sports. Wonderful, everyone loves that!  But without sun protection?

For several years, the school has been collecting donations to build a shady roof over the small sports field. To be able to fulfill their wish, 5,000 euros are still missing.

"It would be wonderful if you would make yourselves strong for us, so that we can soon reach our goal!"


About the project

Várzea da Roça is a small town of 12,000 souls almost at the end of the world. It is located 300 kilometers northwest of Salvador da Bahia in Brazil's hinterland, which is characterized by extreme poverty and rural exodus. It is very warm and dry here and the region is socially weak. Since 2007, committed people have been working there to build up a Waldorf project. In small steps and with a lot of enthusiasm they have succeeded in setting up a two-group kindergarten and a Waldorf school up to and including grade 6. This year (2022) fifteen staff members will take care of 150 children and enable them to follow a lively, meaningful path into life and thus to maintain and help shape the living and cultural space. Since 2011, the school has been a UNESCO - school and participates in many, mostly environment-related projects.

Unfortunately, the children and young people of the region live in great poverty. In the socially weak region, the financial situation of the school is very tight, even the operating costs can not be raised by the parents alone. In stark contrast, the children see the rich make-believe world spread in the media. As a result, they do not get a real world view, hope for an unattainable future and become more and more passive, demotivated, resigned and depressed. This is also the breeding ground for the crime that prevails in the area. Disoriented young people and the unemployed and the associated evils are part of everyday life.

We want to stand up against this, because a better world is possible!

With encouraging and artistic activities as well as with sensitive personal care, we awaken the children's curiosity, gain their interest and they develop their zest for life. Through a sense of achievement in their daily work together, their self-confidence and thus their personality is strengthened. Here, in the natural, lovingly designed environment of the school, the children feel comfortable and secure. The best proof of this is the question often asked expectantly by the children playing outside the school gate during the vacations: "When will school finally resume?"


What is the money needed for?

Our big problem is the financing of the running costs. Due to the great drought in our region "Sertão", the possibilities for agricultural cultivation are severely limited and thus a stable livelihood for the population is missing. Apart from a small brickyard, there are no industrial operations. School fees can hardly be paid from the low income, which is barely enough to survive in most families. Depending on the political situation - it changes every four years - we are supported by the municipality or not. It is a very uncertain and unfortunate solution! Only with the help of sponsorships and donations and with unbelievable diligence of our staff we manage to keep our "Blossom in the Sertão" alive.

Our goal is a further development in the direction of all-day care. It would be a great blessing for the children and young people if they could take advantage of workshops, training opportunities, leisure activities or therapeutic or medical care, for example. We are open to all possibilities and any support is welcome. We are looking forward to even more people who want to "move out" and build a "different world" with us! Right now we are very excited because starting this year (2022) we have the construction of the secondary school! Through a donation we were able to build classrooms up to 9th grade. What we still urgently need is a roof over the sports field. That's why we've been wanting a shady roof for a few years now!


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Empower & donate now