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School as a Journey
Finser, Torin. Anthroposophic Press. 1994
"Torin Finser's School as a Journey is an inspiring account of one teacher's odyssey. Ernest Boyer, President, Carnegie Foundation

Waldorf Education worldwide

On occasion of our 30th anniversary we published in October 2001 this publication (208 pages, many pictures) about the development of the Waldorf and curative pedagogic momevent in over 60 countries of the world.

Waldorf Education
Freunde der Erziehungskunst. 1994.

Our catalogue "Waldorf Education" gives a very good introduction to the principles of Waldorf education.

The Genius of Play
Jenkinson, Sally. Stroud: Hawthorn Press. 2001.

A refreshing and exciting examination of the critical role that pretending may represent for the child and the later adult." Jerome L. Singer, Yale University


The Educational tasks and Contents of the Steiner Waldorf Curriculum
Rawson, Martyn/ Richter, Tobias (Ed.). Forest Row: Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship Publications.

This book describes the teaching methods and approach of Waldorf Education from Kindergarten to Class 12.

Millennial Child

Schwartz, Eugene. Great Barrington: Steiner Books. 1999.

"In assuming that children can assimilate a conceptual framework that was once considered fit only for adults, we have indeed turned children into “little adults” who (it would appear) can think logically, make decisions for themselves, and express precocious sexual desires." Eugene Schwartz

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