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Class Teacher Years at a Waldorf School – Film Footage for Teacher Training and Research

Tutors and students at Waldorf teacher training courses, practicing teachers, college and university staff as well als students of all disciplines have got the unique opportunity to sit in on the lessons of a Waldorf School class online. The Stuttgart (Germany) based Educational Research Centre of the Federation of Independent Waldorf Schools in cooperation with Munich (Germany) based Tittel & Knilli Film Production offer an English/German streaming portal: Class Teacher Years at a Waldorf School – Film Footage for Teacher Training and Research

Six films with a selection of pedagogically commented lessons give direct insight into the ongoing learning development of pupils in a class group, from first to eighth grade. The films show teaching of the core subjects numeracy/maths/geometry and reading and writing, as well as artistic subjects such as painting, form drawing or drama. The material was filmed by independent film maker Maria Knilli, who in behalf of Bavarian Television accompanied a class at a Waldorf School in Landsberg (Bavaria) for eight years. After the completion of three tv documentary films the participating families agreed to additionally prepare and provide the material for teacher training and research.

The streaming service is free. To protect the personal rights of the participating pupils, it is necessary to register initially and then be admitted for perpetual use.

Visit the streaming portal (in English and German) here.

Find out more about the longterm project (in German).

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