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A new Waldorf School in Croatia

A new Waldorf school is being built in the city of Osijek in eastern Croatia. This area is renowned for its diverse cultural heritage (a crossroad of cultures) and socio-economic challenges.

Since 2015, an enthusiastic group of people has been working to establish Waldorf education in Osijek for the first time. At the outset, a substantial programme of lectures and workshops was initiated, along with the undertaking of various social projects in Waldorf education. Their work made an educational and social impact on a local and regional level.

By 2017, a Waldorf kindergarten Iskrica opened, thanks to funding from the Friends of Art of Education. And in September 2021, the school will open, with Class One, preschool and after-school care.

The school association rents a couple of rooms in an educational centre in the middle of Osijek. This arrangement is fortunate since as an independent school, it doesn't receive any form of public funding. The school is close to green spaces and parks, and the school garden is easily accessible. If necessary, additional rooms can be rented for morning classes.

The Waldorf school in Osijek needs start-up funds, in order to renovate toilets, classrooms and the school garden. They will rent space for the school, but there will be a need to invest in good quality materials. Also, there are the costs of equipment, materials, start-up costs, and so forth. Achieving this first step will provide us with a good start. The school will begin with Class 1 and every other year, a new class will be added. The school aims to be financially stable after 3 years of work. Until that point, we need to raise funds to ensure that development continues and to support colleagues in their work.

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