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September 2021

Waldorf in the Beskids

Immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a Waldorf kindergarten was established in Bielsko-Biała. This was not the first Silesian Waldorf institution; the first Silesian Waldorf School was founded in Breslau as early as 1930, but it had a short history. The second Silesian Waldorf School was then founded in the mid-1990s in Bielsko-Biała, the former centre of the Silesian textile industry.
Although Waldorf schools in Poland are now part-financed by the state, their existence depends very much on the commitment of the parents. And it is only in recent years that a liberal, cosmopolitan parent body has become committed to Waldorf schools; more and more children are now being enrolled in the schools. The Bielsko-Biała Waldorf School is now attended by about 200 children. And with that, the pressure on the school is growing; new school buildings must be created, because until now the school has had to squeeze into one house in the literal sense of the word. And despite the committed parents, they cannot meet the economic challenges entirely on their own.

Nana Goebel


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