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September 2019

Waldorf in Vietnam's capital Hà Nội

Vietnam, which stretches over 4,000 km, is subject to a variety of influences. Hồ Chí Minh City or Sài Gòn in the very south has always been the country's cosmopolitan economic metropolis, Huế in the middle the secret cultural capital and Hà Nội in the north the government centre with the seat of the Communist Party. No wonder that the Waldorf impulse first reached the south.

Since 2015, people in Hà Nội have been asking for other forms of education for their children and are interested in Waldorf education. In the meantime, four kindergartens with elements of Waldorf Education have been established in Hà Nội and, since 2017, also a first grade. When the kindergarten teachers meet four times a year, sixty mainly young people come together. Since 2016 they have been able to participate in a training course for Waldorf teachers in Hà Nội and since 2017 also in a training course for class teachers.

Maybe it's like bamboo: first it grows invisibly under the ground, then it sprouts up with enormous speed.

Nana Goebel

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