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November 2021

Waldorf grows in Taiwan

Businesses around the world are dependent on Taiwan in several ways, especially concerning the semiconductor industry there. But whether this industry will protect the island state in the long term is an open question. For peace on the island is not assured. This is also noticeable in the Waldorf schools.

The Waldorf school movement in Taiwan is growing, not only in the big cities but also in the countryside. And this is despite the fact that the governing party is not exactly helping to cultivate an independent educational profile. In the Waldorf schools, an important process of self-realisation and understanding has been underway in recent months and years. And the pedagogical values are being cherished, in a very intensive way, for example, in the Shan Mei Zhen Waldorf School in Taichung. It has now opened a parallel first class for the first time and is proud of it.

Nana Goebel


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