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July/August 2020

Gecko Garden in Phnom Penh

How did Waldorf education come to Cambodia? And how is Waldorf education developing and growing there? In Phnom Penh there is a large international community. As in any other Asian city, a number of English, Hungarians, Australians and Americans work and need care for their small children. And they bring with them thoughts and quite clear ideas about how their children should grow up. So, Waldorf education arrived in Phnom Penh through the interest and activities of some of the mothers in this international community.

Gecko Garden is a large international kindergarten that is slowly being transformed into a Waldorf kindergarten. And in this way, the Khmer workers are getting to know Waldorf education and will in future anchor this educational impulse in their own society. 

The training they are planning to develop and offer will also involve the Waldorf pioneers in the Bambujaya School of Phnom Penh.

.Nana Goebel

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