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January/Febuary 2019

Waldorf in Siberia

Since 1994, the teachers of the Waldorf School of Irkutsk have been working in a landmark building erected in 1882. However, the school only has one floor at its disposal, so that the students have to come to school in two shifts – mornings and afternoons. Since the number of students is continuously increasing, due to the school’s good reputation, there is less and less room in the corridors and rooms of this wooden building with old beams from the 19th Century.

Since 1998, the school has been looking for an alternative, without success. Now the teaching staff is seeing light on the horizon, but only a thin strip. The department of property in the Oblast of Irkutsk would provide a ruin free of charge. If the school is able to raise the necessary money for the restoration, then it will finally have classes for all students in the mornings, at least for the next few years; it would have 12 classrooms, a shop, a music room, and adining hall. If you want to help the easternmost full-scale Waldorf School to reach this goal, your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Nana Goebel

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