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December 2020

Aregnazan Waldorf School in Yerevan accepts children from Nagorno-Karabakh

Throughout the history of Armenia, difficult living conditions and political situations unfortunately occur with some regularity. After a few reasonably quiet years, fighting has broken out in Armenian-inhabited region of Nagorno-Karabakh in neighbouring Azerbaijan. It is presumably a proxy war that will not stop soon, due to the interference of other states in the region. Old people, women and children have fled without knowing what will happen next and without knowing whether the men are still alive. They are trying to find shelter with friends and acquaintances in Armenia. Many have arrived in Yerevan. There, children have now been admitted to the already overcrowded classes at both the Waldorf kindergarten and the Aregnazan Waldorf School. 

Anyone who feels able to support the Waldorf School in its already tight financial position, due to Corona-related closures, and thus enable the children from Nagorno-Karabakh to continue attending school is invited to do so through our current appeal for donations.

Nana Goebel

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Empower & donate now