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April 2020

New Waldorf School in Hungary


With more than 40 Waldorf schools in Hungary the network of Waldorf schools there is denser than in most other European countries. Statistically there is one Waldorf School per 233,000 inhabitants; in fact the density is particularly high in Budapest, the only large urban agglomeration in the country. New schools are still being founded there. The vast majority of initiatives come from parents who want to send their children to a different kind of school.

The most recent foundation is the Christophorus Waldorf School in the 17th district. It came into being because some parents could not find school places for their children in the other Waldorf Schools and were not satisfied with this situation. By now these parents found a vacant and still reasonably well-preserved school building in the 10th district, bought it and renovated it. Although only the first 10 % had to be paid at first, the other 90 % will have to follow this year. For the beginning the building is much too big, but it opens up great opportunities. You just have to believe in it, have visions and courage and be good at math.

Nana Goebel

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