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A Group of Young Eurythmyst’s Goes on Tour – to Europe

Terra Brasilis Eurythmy came into being in 2003 at the Rudolf-Steiner School in Sao Paulo. Each year, a group of High school students came together in order to deepen their artistic work in Eurythmy beyond what they did in school and present the performances arose from their work. As a result, the initiator Marilia Bareto introduced a one-year youth orientation course in 2007, which includes in addition to Eurythmy other subjects such as philosophy, sciences, etc. The overall program consists of these courses and two tours in Brazil and Europe, where the youth group performs under the now well-known name "Terranova".

The achievements of the Eurythmy initiative have already been presented several times to a broad audience abroad, such as the High school Eurythmy Festival 2004 in Texas/USA, or the “Connect” youth conference 2005, the World-Eurythmy-Conference 2006 and the “Forum Eurythmie” 2007 in Europe. In April 2012, they will perform in Europe again and will guest star for example at the 100th anniversary of Eurythmy and the World Teacher Conference in Dornach (Switzerland). Legally, their work is supported by the Association Sophia, the mother organization of the future anthroposophical University in Brazil.

The students are directly involved in the implementation of the whole course and the tour (schedule, contact to the professors, hall rental, finance, logistics). This has proven to be a life enriching experience. At the Eurythmy Forum in Witten-Annen (Germany 2007), Marilia Bareto discovered the following:  “When Eurythmy is being performed with commitment and love by young people, it has a truly inspiring effect on everybody involved: Students, teachers, lecturers”

The parents finance the course sometimes with great difficulty. Initially the tours were supposed to be entirely funded by sponsorship, promotions and of course the performances of the group itself. However this is not easy and involves high costs. But it is worth it - the young people gain very enriching experiences and mostly go through a lot of transformation in the process. Often after their year with Terranova they find that they encounter the world with new eyes and have become much more self-confident.

„Briluz“ is the title of the 2012 program. This title has been created by Haroldo de Campos and is to be understood with a cross-cultural meaning out of the musical and artistic language of performance. The program is selected by the students and will move the spectators to a fairer society. Get ready to be surprised!

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