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Aramitan – Another World is possible

Brazil: Aramitan, a social project in Sao Paulo, encourages young people and adults who are willing to take responsibility and make a commitment for social renewal. Since 2004, the initiative develops a community center for children and adolescents. Aramitan means: "The child that unites earth and sky." With the involvement of people from all around the world, Aramitan is promoting another kind of globalization - the globalization of brotherhood, commitment and responsibility. Aramitan’s aim is to contribute to make their motto "another world is possible" a reality.

The problem of socially endangered children in Brazil is huge. The question arises, "What can an individual do?" - A thought that did not deter Santiago De Marco and Sandra Gamarano in any way.

In 2004, the couple purchased a 2500 (now 5000) square metres piece of land with an unfinished building in Embu-Guaçu, on the outskirts of Sao Paulo. As a result, Aramitan was born with the aim of providing food, medical care and education to the poorer residents and under privileged of Sao Paulo, thereby to create trust and hope for the future. Inspired by their experiences and the many years of work in the slums of Sao Paulo with the Monte Azul Community, the couple was determined to contribute to the lives of at least some of the estimated six million children in Brazil, who live under the poverty line. Sandra has first-hand experience of this life, as she was raised in the slums herself.

One project of Aramitan is “Vielas Coloridas” (Streets with Colors), which is an artistic community process and aims to beautify the facades of houses and alleys of poor communities, especially through painting. The exchange of experiences, solidarity, human warmth, fellowship and unity of the community for a common good has become the focus of this project. Furthermore, there are a large number of artistic and cultural events as well as a volunteer program that is also promoted by the Friends of Waldorf Education.

The vision for the initiative is “a multi faceted Anthroposophical Community Centre, a home for orphaned children, a day centre for local children, a health care centre, a cultural centre and vocational workshops for local people, as well as artistic and craft workshops and a biodynamic/organic farm. In 2005, Aramitan was legally registered as a charitable organization in Brazil. The next step was transforming the newly acquired land and building into a community centre. Many people from around the world have supported the work of Aramitan and many young volunteers have travelled to Brazil and spent time at construction camps. The work carried out by these volunteers provided the opportunity for young people to take social responsibility and contribute through their efforts, to making this part of the world a better place.


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