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High School with an Environmental Diploma

It is the first Brazilian high school that offers a degree in environmental studies. The Waldorf School Livre Porto Cuiaba was founded in 1989 by a few parents interested in Waldorf education. After several moves, the school was able to begin with erecting its own building in 1990. Furthermore, the school in Cuiaba included an environmental science class in their curriculum, which resulted in great response in the local media. It is the first school subject on environmental studies in the country!

When the Livre Porto Waldorf School submitted its High School project to the official authorities, they experienced a pleasant surprise a short time later. The Ministry of Education and Culture called the course “Environmental Sciences” and said the students who passed the course would receive two official certificates. One of them allows the graduates to work as an environmental engineer. Since now over ten years, this course is still the only one of its kind in Brazil.

In the first year of study the students acquire a basic knowledge about the unique ecosystem of the Pantanal. In the second year they study then focuses on the diverse landscape with its variety of species and the possibility of its preservation. During the third year the students deal with the urban reality and its implications.

The students have already obtained outstanding remark at conferences and international symposium, presenting articles with scientific value based on their researches.

Egon Nord, who received the best mark with his thesis on biodynamic agriculture and works as an agronomist today, looks back at his Waldorf career: “We have learned to go to the heart of the problem and to connect elements from different disciplines. Also the artistic sense is very strongly encouraged. I learned many things that one cannot learn elsewhere.”

Geology student Leonardo Fraga, who passed his entrance exam at the University ranked number 12, adds: “The two years that I attended this school were long enough to change my life. I found respect, dedication, trust and friendship. It was not until I attended the Waldorf School that I learned to treat old and sick people with respect.”

Fernanda Assi, now a medical student, recalls: “Most schools are obsessed with the entrance exams of universities, but Waldorf school really cared about the students, the people. Especially through the many artistic activities, I was able to gain self-confidence. Even today I sometimes visit the school and I always feel very welcome.”

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