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“The blossom of the dandelion” - Waldorf Education in Saldan

Argentina: Dandelion Waldorf School was founded in 2007 by a small group of some families and teachers in Saldan. The place (18 km from Cordoba) has about 15 000 inhabitants and a single public school with 800 students. The population is poor. Dandelion is the first Waldorf School located near the provincial capital of Cordoba, which after Buenos Aires is the second most important city in Argentina. The small initiative is still in a development phase and in the long run would like to make Waldorf education available to the population in this region of Argentina.

In the past 15 years, Saldan and the whole northern region have become an attractive alternative for young families looking for a quieter life outside the city. As a result the population growth skyrocketed, which lead to shortcomings in the field of education.

The Dandelion School has emerged from the kindergarten in Cordoba. Emerging out of an initiative by some parents, the school was opened in March 2007 with an integrative first class in a small rented house with two rooms. In 2008, three people from the school community bought a house on a large property. Some of the kids benefit from a special curative education.

So far, the Dandelion School does not have state approval. First, the building requirements have to be met. The administrative body of the school is the “Parsifal” association. The goal of the association is making anthroposophy and Waldorf education accessible to the entire population in the vicinity of Saldan. All families, who wish to benefit from an integrative education, will have the opportunity to send their children to the Dandelion School in the long-term, regardless of their economic and cultural background.

The school is funded entirely from its own income from the monthly school fees (400 pesos or 85 €), donations, bazaar proceeds and the sale of books of the anthroposophical publishers in Buenos Aires. Not all families can pay the school fees, and therefore the funding issue remains still unresolved.

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