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La Choza – Social Therapy and Biodynamic Farming

Argentina: the biodynamic farm “La Choza”, containing 130 ha of land, is situated 60 km outside of Buenos Aires in the provincial town General Rodriguez - a region hosting 90.000 citizens, out of which 70% live below poverty level. “La Choza” provides social therapy and employs people with either mental or psychological disadvantages, or people coming from socially problematic backgrounds. Within the agricultural work these people are re-integrated in a community and supported in their development.

Week after week two aid organisations can count on the transport-vehicle from “La Choza” which provides people without means with cost-free milk, yoghurt and vegetables – since a period of 10 years. In the provincial town General Rodriguez the population relies on mutual support in this kind of way; a main reason, why “La Choza” is highly respected within this region. Apart from the aid organisations, the weekly round trip additionally leads all the way to Buenos Aires, to the small shops of the Waldorf Schools as well as the Christian Community.

In respect of the guideline of the foundation, to which “La Choza” belongs today – “placing agriculture entirely in the service of social life” – a barn, a cheese dairy, a bio-dynamic vegetable garden and a tree nursery have been added to the farm in order to provide work prospects for young people, who rely on the initiatives support in aspects of social pedagogy.

The centre of the farm-community is formed by 11 people, out of which four are already retired. As an additional support to “La Choza”, volunteers, being sent by the Friends of Waldorf Education as part of their yearly “weltwärts” support-program, help the initiative with the daily farm work.

Besides the agricultural work “La Choza“welcomes school-classes and kindergarten groups on a regular basis, in order to teach bio-dynamic farming and inform the students about healthy nutrition. Furthermore “La Choza” regularly provides room for Waldorf teacher training, bio-dynamic training and other meetings, conferences, seminaries and festivals.

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