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Education for children from in an impoverished area

In Garin, approximately 40 km from Buenos Aires, many poor families live in an environment where children grow up neglected and abused. They have no access to nutrition, health and education. The co-workers of the social facility San Jorge are committed to participation and sharing. On a daily basis, they share the destiny and need of the children and their parents. They try to understand, heal and strengthen the souls of these young people. In doing so they foster the children’s inner autonomy and help them to create a constructive relationship to their environment.

However, the number of children as well as the needs of their families increased. In 2005 Maria made her house and garden exclusively available for this work. In 2006 skilled personnel was added to meet the needs of the children and adolescents. The municipality made the adjacent garbage dumps available as extra piece of property. With community work it was cleaned out, fenced in and a nursery and a clay-oven was erected on it.

Since 2006, the initiative provides a reliable program with its kindergarden and the offers that are available for school children and their parents from Monday through Sunday. So ever since the children are planting vegetables, grains, herbs and flowers on the property, in order to learn to respect the processes of nature. Apart from the kindergarden groups the initiative offers coaching lessons and school orientation, as well as woodwork, basketry, weaving, gardening, cooking, arts (painting, drawing and pottery), choir and orchestra for children and adolescents. For the mothers the courses include: “what a baby needs”, sewing, cooking, child minding, how to assists youths and relationship management.

Unfortunately San Jorge faces a difficult financial situation and is in need of help. However, the youths and the children are continuing to attend and waiting with expectation at the door. The co-workers are appealing to the generosity of all people and institutions that are able to help. With 60 euro you may ensure devotion, appraisal and learning for one child during one month– any small amount is a help. 

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