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Amidst a green suburb of Buenos Aires

Argentina: The Waldorf School San Miguel Arcangel was founded in 1968 in San Isidro, a suburb of the Argentinean capital Buenos Aires. San Isdro is named after the local saint of Madrid - Saint Isidore. The school grounds are located some 25 kilometres away from the city centre in the so-called Zona Norte with its marvellous green parks. Initially a group of 15 parents with a strong desire for Waldorf education for their children decided to establish their own school. Today, about 500 children attend the kindergarten and the school and benefit from a high quality Waldorf curriculum.

Since 1985, the San Miguel Arcangel is located on a private premise in Villa Adelina, about 10 minutes away by car from the old school grounds. By 1997, the school included grades 1-7, which were accommodated in the new buildings for the lower and middle school. In 2002, the initiative began to build its own high school. The organic style facilities now include a high school building, a roofed-multipurpose area (for Eurythmy lessons or school events) and a building to accommodate volunteers.

The four kindergarten groups are housed in a building on a newly acquired property, which is located a few hundred metres away from the school. Furthermore, the school owns a 60ha plot of land in Zarate. Throughout the year, students pack their tents and go on class trips to the property located some 100km away from the school where they engage in agricultural projects.

A major concern to the school is the integration of children with learning difficulties. There are two psychologists working at San Miguel Waldorf School caring for those children, in cooperation with their families. In addition the school offers afternoon lessons in gardening, clay modelling, handicrafts and acting, as well as orchestra sessions and choir classes. The highlight of the school year is the annual circus performance prepared by parents, teachers and students. The revenues collected from the event help fund the outstanding loans of the school.

More than 20% of the families sending their children to San Miguel Waldorf School, cannot pay the full amount of school fees. The remaining families carry the resulting monthly deficit. Despite the often-difficult financial situation, the school successfully offers Waldorf education since 40 years and will continue to do so in the future.

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