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Clara de Asis - few resources, lots of love

Argentina: In 1993 the Clara de Asis kindergarten opened in Buenos Aires with very little funds but with a lot of love for education. The children that joined the initiative quickly brought older siblings and friends to the rented house. In 1997, a first and a third grade opened. Today the Waldorf School includes all 12 grades.

In 1998 the school community was able to buy a property with donations. The three hectares of land are located in the countryside and include many old trees. The building conforms to the children’s needs not only from a practical but also from an aesthetic point of view, as the shapes and colours have been chosen to accompany the development of the children.

The faculty includes Waldorf teachers, artists, musicians, and eurythmists who are committed with excitement and growing momentum to the development of this lively and unorthodox Waldorf School. The school also teaches children with special needs, who are integrated into the classes and are accompanied by professional caretakers.

The good relationship between the school and its parents is a very important corner stone. There is also a Waldorf seminar, which enables parents or teachers to deepen their interest in Waldorf education.

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