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"All That is Good" - Tashi Waldorf School

Tashi Waldorf School opened in 2000 allowing 13 students and two teachers an educational environment. Along with the school, a teacher’s seminary was brought into being which offers own teacher’s as well as other teacher’s a permanent continuing education. Starting out in a former carpet factory in the northern outskirts of Kathmandu, the initiative quickly transformed their premise into a worm and friendly environment for small groups of students. In March 2010 the school moved to a new location closer to the city. Today the initiative hosts a nursery, three kindergartens and classes one, two and three. The school currently offers waldorf education to about 110 children.

Nepal is a country with a population of approximately 30 million, half of which are below the age of 20. Furthermore the majority of the people live in downright poverty, half of the children suffer malnutrition and the illiteracy figure adds up to 55%! On the other hand Nepali children aged 3-4 are already exposed to an enormous pressure to succeed in school. Other problems are the caste system and the underfinanced school system.

Tashi in Tibetan means “all that is good”. In respect of this guideline Tashi Waldorf School follows a curriculum which integrates the principles of waldorf education with the culture and traditions of the Himalayan region. Therefore the school is creating an educational experience that is meaningful and relevant to the children. The waldorf curriculum thus offers an alternative solution to the performance oriented and antiquated Nepali school system on one hand and expensive private schools on the other. Another important part of the school’s commitment is to provide an educational environment to children coming from a disadvantaged background and who otherwise would not have the chance to study.

Such a child is Ganesh, a perfect example for the school’s effort to break down social prejudices and integrate children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Ganesh was born in lower Humla a remote region of western Nepal. After Ganeshe’s mother died, his father fearing the growing violence fled to Kathmandu. He paid to put Ganesh into a children’s home which turned out to be a sham. There Ganesh lived together with 29 children in a single, small, dark and filthy room and was allowed outside only to beg. Rescued by ISIS Foundation which works closely together with the Tashi waldorf movement, Ganesh is now able to be a part of the harmonious environment of the school. Just like the other children at Tashi he happily sings, plays and listens to stories. And thanks to the caring love of his teacher’s Ganesh now has the possibility to overcome his trauma in his new “family”.

Tashi Waldorf School seeks to raise empowered citizens, who are better suited to give back to family, community and society and who will one day be able to combat Nepal’s enormous mountain of poverty. The Initiative is exclusively funded by donations from individuals, educational institutions and organisation such as the Friends of Waldorf Education which give the children the possibility of an education otherwise unthinkable. Please help to ensure the important work of the initiative in order to turn the school’s vision into a reality!

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