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Emergency Pedagogy in Syria after the earthquake

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After the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, a  team was able to carry out an acute intervention in the south of Turkey. However, for  security reasons,  it is currently very difficult to enter Syria. We do not yet have a solid network there that would allow us to work directly on the ground. Yet  the need for support is great. In the weeks after the earthquake, we were asked if we could offer something online for Syrian pedagogues, social workers and therapists. 30 people were selected from 200 applications for an initial online training. Since mid-April, five emergency pedagogues and the participants have been meeting weekly and working together on the topics of trauma, self-care, art and movement. The units are structured so  that, in addition to small theoretical and practical inputs, there are also space and opportunities for the participants to share their experiences and  knowledge. It is a great joy to see that it is also possible to support professionals in Syria through online offers. After the first six units, there will be a summer break, and the program will continue in September. In October, a small team of Friends of Waldorf Education Emergency Pedagogues will meet  the Syrian participants  in Gaziantep, Turkey, for five days of in-depth work. The aim is to provide the participants with knowledge and tools which they can apply directly in their work with children. The project is possible thanks to the support of Aktion Deutschland Hilft and many private donations.

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