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Kiev: Help for the children of the curative education center

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Since 2004, the Center for Curative Education Sonyachne Podvirya has been caring for children and young people with varying degrees of disability. After the attacks on Ukraine began at the end of February, some of the school's families were already able to leave the country. But most have remained in Kiev. The curative education school had to close, but the curative educators on site continue to care for the students, who either live in their own homes or with friends or relatives on the outskirts of Kiev. During attacks, families seek shelter in basements (photo) or even bathrooms - any room that has no windows or exterior walls is safer. "Our only full time work right now is to stay safe, sane, warm and to have enough supplies," two of the remedial teachers at the school reported in a March 6 email. They are in desperate need of financial support at this time, as they are not receiving private donations or government assistance locally. We have already been able to transfer a first amount. The money was received with great relief, as now the children and families can be better provided for. We very much hope that we can continue to help here. If you would like to donate specifically to the remedial school in Kiev please click here.

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