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WOW-Day in Italy: “We are a part of a whole”

Worldwide solidarity with Waldorf educational institutions – that is the idea behind “Waldorf One World,” WOW-Day for short. On a specified day, dedicated people collect donations in many different ways to give them to Waldorf facilities in need. Last year, for the first time, Scuola Steineriana Colli Euganei participated in WOW-Day. The School in northern Italy chooses to integrate their WOW-Day activity into the annual Saint Martin’s walk. And that for a very specific reason as Fabio Montelatici, one of the teachers, explains: "When we thought about how to participate in this year's WOW-Day, the most significant choice seemed the Saint Martin's walk. This walk, with all its lights carried by the children, speaks of hope in times of darkness, of light in the shadows and difficulties of the world. Saint Martin stops in the middle of winter's cold to share his cloak with a poor man. He stops for a gift, for love. That's why we found natural to "stop" for a moment in this festivity, and share our work with someone who is, right here, right now, more affected by the cold than we are. We stopped for sharing, to remember we're not a single school doing its own business, but a part of a whole, of a worldwide organism we care about. Lighting our lamps for our children, for our parents, for the stars above, and also for our friends around the world, was for us an incredible gift. We are happy and grateful we can share it with you."

The organizers raised a proud sum of money on this day. The donations help Waldorf facilities to admit children from poorer families and to give them a warmhearted place to learn.

Worldwide solidarity with Waldorf educational institutions – that is the idea behind Waldorf One World Day, WOW-Day for short. Once a year, committed people collect donations in many different ways, giving them to Waldorf institutions throughout the world. For more information please go to:

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