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WOW-Day 2017

Raffle on open house day supports Romanian initiative

Worldwide solidarity with Waldorf educational institutions – that is the idea behind “Waldorf One World,” WOW-Day for short. On a specified day, dedicated people collect donations in many different ways to give them to Waldorf facilities in need. This year, for the first time, the living and working community Altenschlirf participated in WOW-Day. On open house day ( October 3rd) the JUKO (students, apprentices, and trainees) raffled off all products which were manufactured in the workshops of Altenschlirf on Michaelmas, September 29th.

They will donate the gains to Prietenia Pantelimon, a Rumanian facility for people with special needs, which is home to a special-needs school. The curative education facility was opened in 2006 and is situated on a 5-hectare property close to the capital of Bucharest. Eventually, there will be jobs for 50 people with special needs and housing for 40.

“We are very pleased to set an example of solidarity by participating in WOW-Day”, says Tobias Raedler,  managing director of housing, himself a Waldorf alumnus. Many of the community residents themselves attended a curative educational Waldorf School and have fond memories of their school years. “Internationally, Waldorf Schools or curative education facilities working on an anthroposophical basis often receive little or no state funding”, explains Raedler. “The kind of  comprehensive support that we can offer in our community is, in many countries, anything but a matter of course”.

Take part now! Some facilities have already started with their WOW-Day campaigns. We would like to invite all people of curative education and social therapy facilities as well as students of Waldorf Schools to become a part of the international campaign by organizing your own WOW-Day. We will forward 100% of the proceeds to Waldorf and social initiatives.

All information can be found here.

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