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Kenya: April 2012

Protected Areas for Children and Further Training for Teachers

From 9 - 21 April 2012, the Friends of Waldorf Education conducted their second emergency educational mission at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. In addition to the training and monitoring of trauma educational work, the team also prepared for another follow-up mission, which is set to take place in the summer.

During their two-week deployment, the four-member team of German and Kenyan co-workers took over responsibility for training locals in trauma education, while facing challenging organizational difficulties at the Kakuma camp. Despite the fact that the unhygienic situation created difficult working conditions, the trauma educational measures and the relationship between the children and the Kenyan emergency educators have developed very positively.

During talks with the local “Friends” co-workers and the employees of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees the following questions were discussed: How would it be possible not to lose track of severely traumatized children who are being moved from the reception centre into the refugee camp?

The example of a six-year-old girl suffering form multiple traumata, shows the importance of a sustainable care for children, which needs to go beyond the reception centre. Due to the devastating experiences this particular girl had to go through, she no longer spoke. However, various art therapy exercises helped her to form words again and even add them up to sentences. After the registration process at the reception centre, which can often take several weeks or even months, the girl moved into the refugee camp. After which the emergency education team lost contact with her. After some time, they succeeded in finding her, but she had returned to her previous speechless state. The therapeutic measures had to be started all over again.
In order to prevent such cases the emergency education team and the employees of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees decided to hold care review meetings on a regular basis.
Furthermore, the team prepared for the next emergency educational mission, which is scheduled for August. They then plan to build a child protection centre in the so-called protection area, a special place for people who are in acute danger.

To build lasting trauma educational structures and employ local staff for the continuation of emergency educational measures, the Friends of Waldorf Education are in urgent need of your support. Each donation will be directly used for trauma educational purposes and the benefit of children at the Kakuma refugee camp.

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