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Tadschikistan: PASCH School


New bathrooms in the school building of the PASCH school in Chudjand

In the school year 2022/2023, the PASCH school would like to built bathrooms inside the school building. Until now, the pupils have to go outside, if they want to use the bathroom as there are no toilets in the school building itself. Especially in winter, this is not only inconvenient, but also cold. Therefore, they want to lay sanitary and water pipes and to build bathrooms within the school building. The construction and installation of the toilet rooms will cost about 4,000 euros.


About the project:

From 2002 to 2008, the current PASCH school in Tajikistan was a Waldorf school with seven classes and a total of 230 pupils. In 2008, the building of the Waldorf School was taken away by the state and the school community was forced to move to a village school. There they were welcomed and sheltered by a great headmaster and supported by a great team of teachers. Now it is a big school with a total of 3,500 students and 160 teachers.

Nevertheless, the school community still maintains elements of Waldorf education and is supported in many projects by the Friends of Waldorf Education and by many private individuals. Thanks to the efforts of the Friends of Waldorf Education and many other people, it has been possible, among other things, to renovate the roof and to set up a room for handicrafts. In addition, the school already got new windows, doors and water storage tanks.

Besides the construction of the toilets inside the school building, the school also wants to establish a workshop for its former students with disabilities.

"We are very grateful that we are supported by the Friends of Waldorf Education and many people who take part in the WOW-Day activities.

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