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Healthy meals can transform the future of a poor child

Please help the children of the Rudolf Steiner School to get this healthy food with a small or large gift. 100% of the donations will go to the food.

When you see the dry, dusty and windswept land with the patterned grey cracks on the surface reaching deep, you really feel the depth of the problem with climate changes in Kenya. You witness a tragedy for the soil, animals and our children. The rainy seasons have totally lost their rhythm and the rain has been scarce, therefore unable to overcome the drought. There are huge long term consequences for the future that we cannot foresee but the short term consequences are totally clear; life circumstances every day with less food causes higher prices and water rationing. This brings insecurity and fear of the future.

Up until now the Mbagathi School has succeeded in giving healthy meals to the children. These daily meals at the school have been crucial for the children’s health and development because most of the families really struggle to provide food for the children. The whole idea of offering healthy meals is a core-idea in the work with the children. It is much effort for the school to continue to offer meals. They receive millet porridge at break time and a warm and fulfilling meal of rice, maize, vegetables and a fruit for lunch.

The school has over the years struggled to create a sustainable little farm and school garden. The garden is an ongoing challenge to develop in a dry environment but the school has succeeded in producing vegetables for the children’s meals. The school has cows giving fresh milk but feeding the cows is part of the struggle. The little organic farm has in the last years transformed into a bio-dynamic farm which needs care. This farm project is a little light of hope for us.

To continue offering meals requires financial support and we ask you kindly if you could give a yearly donation to help us to overcome the situation.

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