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“Most of the children come from very poor families”

Providing lunch is also an important aspect at the Humane School in Kenya. Outside the regional capital of Kitale and just 25 km away from the border to Uganda: Here, Juliet Mia together with several colleagues, began to build a village school. Most of the people who live here work in agriculture, e.g., on the big tea plantations, and live in buildings that are not connected to electricity. Also the school’s two simple earthen buildings do not have electricity or running water. In a short interview with the Friends of Waldorf Education, the founder of the school tells us which meals she can currently provide for the children of the school.

Why is it important for the children to be supplied with food at school?
Most of the children come from very poor families. The parents need to work hard as day laborers to earn a little cash to fend for the basic needs of their families – most families cannot afford three meals a day. And most of the time the children will not find their parents at home when they go home for lunch, because they are working.

How many children get food at your school?
Currently we can only provide seventeen children with lunch at school. Their parents contribute 10 Kenya Shilling (about € 0.08) per day and child. The rest of the children go home for lunch.  The school provides maize meal porridge for breakfast for all of the children.

What support do you need in order to provide the best possible care for the children?
To provide an affordable yet wholesome lunch, each child would need to pay around 30 Kenya Shilling (about € 0.24) per day. Most parents cannot afford this, so we need to rely on donations. To feed all of the 88 children, we would need a total of 52.800 Kenya Shilling (about € 450) per month.

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